Brown corundum

The common name for a brown fused alumina is also called the emery, has high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of corrosion resistance.

Brown jasper introduction

The common name for a brown fused alumina is also called the emery, has high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of corrosion resistance.The product in the process of application of blasting, powder, no crack characteristics, especially its far higher than the traditional brown corundum price, more make it become the best in the brown just the quality of the jade of refractory aggregate and filling material.

Thousands of letters brown fused alumina is bauxite, coke, anthracite as main raw materials, made more than 2000 degrees high temperature melting, hitches in arc through the mill grinding, plastic, magnetic separation to iron, screen is divided into a variety of particle size, dense texture, high hardness, particle formed globular, high consolidation is suitable for making ceramic, resin abrasive and grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc., can also be used for manufacturing high-grade refractory materials.  

Washed brown corundum

1.small dust; washed brown corundum surface abrasion treatment,because of its relatively high proportion, so less dust produced in the process of spraying, this is to ensure that the operator's health and safety, enhancing operator visibility, compared with slag (slag forming process is to use cold water or seawater high temperature cooling, sois the formation of the structure, glass phase has a brittle), because the slag more brittle, the abrasion process, easy to be broken intosmall particles, slag proportion is relatively small, so small slag particles suspended in the air, resulting in the pollution of the environment.

Washed brown corundum is washing jeans factory. The water cutting industry quality sand. Our products are good self sharpening, edgesharp; the formation of new edge edge in continuous crushing, shell like fracture of uniform hardness, abrasive tool, object will not cause Scratch phenomenon, and chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, with other abrasive and artificial abrasive irreplaceable advantages.

2. efficient: washed brown corundum in certain pressure, can quicklywith sharp edges and corners to hit an object surface, so it is regarded as a very fast jet mill, the particles in air flow velocity and accelerationis inertia and particle size effect, smaller particles, accelerated more easily, so it can the impact force higher impact object surface,resulting in a very high cleaning speed, under normal circumstances,the velocity (m2 / HR) is two times faster than other conventionalabrasive.

Low carbon brown corundum

Low carbon and corundum furnace before and after special processtreatment, reduce the content of residual carbon in brown fused alumina powder, so that the product is not in use, does not burst,toughness is abrasives industry, material of choice in refractory industry. Mainly used for ceramic abrasive, abrasive, abrasive,abrasive belt high-grade organic, coated abrasives, according to theresidual carbon content is divided into: Calcined brown fused aluminaC ≤ 0.05%; low carbon corundum C ≤ 0.10%; ordinary corundum C ≤ 0.15%.

Brown corundum main function

(1) because of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,high strength, the use of cast steel sliding gate, smeltingrare metals,alloys, ceramics, iron smelting blast furnace lining (wallsandtubes);physical and chemical containers, spark plug, oxidation resistancecoating.

(2) the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, high strength, in the chemical system, used for a variety of reaction vessels and piping, chemical component of the pump; mechanicalparts, all kinds of mold, such as wire drawing die, extrusion die mouthpencil core; as the tool, mold abrasive, bulletproof material, human body joint sealing ring, etc..

(3) alumina insulation materials, such as corundum brick, corundum hollow sphere and fiber products, widely used in all kinds of high temperature furnace furnace wall and furnace, high temperature resistant and insulation.

Brown corundum application range

Brown corundum are called industrial teeth: mainly used in refractory material, grinding, sandblasting.

Zong Gangyu uses:

The 1 blast -- abrasive hardness modest, high bulk density, no free silica, more than major, good toughness, Zong Gangyu is the ideal"green" type sandblasting materials, widely used in aluminum, copper profile glass, washed jeans precision mould etc.;

2 free grinding -- level grinding abrasive, applied to the picture tube,optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, glass, clock and watch glass,crystal glass, jade and other field free grinding, high abrasive materials widely used in home;

3 resin abrasive -- abrasive color appropriate hardness, toughness,suitable type of cross section and cutting edge retention, used inresin abrasive, ideal effect;

4 coated abrasives -- abrasive sandpaper, gauze and other manufacturers of raw materials;

5 brown corundum functional fillers -- mainly used for automobilebrake parts, special tires, special construction products. Can be used as construction of highway pavement. Landing pier. Parking.Industrial floor. The sports venues and other wear-resistant materials;

The 6 filter media -- is a new application field of abrasive, the abrasive substrate medium granular filter bed, clean drinking water and waste water, is a new kind of filter material at home and abroad, especially suitable for non-ferrous metal processing: drilling mud weighting agent:

7 hydraulic cutting -- is based on abrasive for cutting medium, rely on high pressure hydraulic jet basic cutting, used in oil (gas) cut pipe,steel and other parts, a cutting model, environmental protection, safe way.