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What is brown fused alumina?

The common name for a brown fused alumina is also called the emery, has high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of corrosion resistance.The product in the process of application of blasting, powder, no crack characteristics, especially its far higher than the traditional brown corundum price, more make it become the best in the brown just the quality of the jade of refractory aggregate and filling material.

Thousands of letters brown fused alumina is bauxite, coke, anthracite as main raw materials, made more than 2000 degrees high temperature melting, hitches in arc through the mill grinding, plastic, magnetic separation to iron, screen is divided into a variety of particle size, dense texture, high hardness, particle formed globular, high consolidation is suitable for making ceramic, resin abrasive and grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc., can also be used for manufacturing high-grade refractory materials.