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Brown corundum main function

(1) because of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,high strength, the use of cast steel sliding gate, smeltingrare metals,alloys, ceramics, iron smelting blast furnace lining (wallsandtubes);physical and chemical containers, spark plug, oxidation resistancecoating.

(2) the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, high strength, in the chemical system, used for a variety of reaction vessels and piping, chemical component of the pump; mechanicalparts, all kinds of mold, such as wire drawing die, extrusion die mouthpencil core; as the tool, mold abrasive, bulletproof material, human body joint sealing ring, etc..

(3) alumina insulation materials, such as corundum brick, corundum hollow sphere and fiber products, widely used in all kinds of high temperature furnace furnace wall and furnace, high temperature resistant and insulation.