because of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,high strength, the use of cast steel sliding gate, smeltingrare metals,alloys, ceramics
Low carbon and corundum furnace before and after special processtreatment
fficient: washed brown corundum in certain pressure, can quicklywith sharp edges and corners to hit an object surface, so it is regarded as a very fast jet mill
Washed brown corundum is washing jeans factory. The water cutting industry quality sand.
small dust; washed brown corundum surface abrasion treatment,because of its relatively high proportion, so less dust produced in the process of spraying
The common name for a brown fused alumina is also called the emery, has high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of corrosion resistance.
Mainly used in building materials ceramic wheel industry, wear-resistant pipeline runway, energy saving