Using natural high quality bauxite by multi-stage homogenization, through more than 1750 ℃ high temperature sintering.

【Introduction of Molai Stone】

Using natural high quality bauxite by multi-stage homogenization, through more than 1750 ℃ high temperature sintering.Has a large volume density, stable quality, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature creep value performance characteristics such as small and good resistance to chemical corrosion.Is the production of various shape and body not stereotypes refractories, high-grade sanitary wares, such as precision casting model ideal raw material of refractory material products.

Lightweight mullite

This product is the use of natural bauxite as raw material, adopting reasonable technology was suitable for the high temperature of 1400-1500 ℃ using lightweight aggregate.

The characteristics,

1, the use of high temperature, can be directly contact working lining using flame, high temperature energy saving.

2, low thermal conductivity, heat preservation performance is good, special lightweight mullite aggregate ingredients, volume stability, high strength, good airtight structure.

3, 40-60% reduction in weight structure, eliminate the roof hanging brick is broken.

4, can fast oven, high exhaust air voids is smooth, shorten oven period, the economic benefit is remarkable.

Second, the scope of use

Various flame furnace lining work, direct contact with the flame (not contact melt), other high temperature heat preservation and heat insulation equipment, such as:

1, the preparation of various lightweight refractory castable, spray coating, etc.

2, heating furnace, soaking furnace, heat treatment furnace, annealing furnace, ceramic, refractory products sintering furnace, the furnace wall.

3, steam boiler, oil industrial tube furnace, ethane cracking furnace lining.

4, all kinds of industrial furnace door, observation hole lining.

Sintered mullite

Natural calcination mullite series products, the use of the huaibei mining area unique high quality coal measures kaolin as raw material, by high temperature calcination.Products with a dense texture, high hardness, small expansion coefficient, wear resistance, good thermal and chemical stability.Mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, refractory material, military industry, etc.

Fused mullite

High purity raw material of smelting mullite, has low porosity, high density, low impurity quality, and can be processed into different size of particles, powder and powder.Products are mainly physical and chemical performance properties of mullite chemical composition (%)

Al2O3 MgO style 70-77-28 Fe2O3 SiO2 22-0.1 or less

Particle size (mm) 1 0-1-3 of 3-5 5-10

Fine powder (80 mesh) # 100 # 240 # 320 # micro powder